Munich, Germany - All BMW M enthusiasts remember the unique E30 M3 pick-up that carried parts around the Blue Propeller skunk works for 26 years.

It started life as a 1986 two-litre 3 Series convertible, cut down to form a load bed and beefed up with a 147kW, 2.3-litre M3 engine and drivetrain. In addition to ferrying people and parts around the M plant it starred in several promo videos, until it was replaced by an even more outrageous M3 bakkie in 2012.

Now it's back, refinished in red for a Christmas video that aptly illustrates the new M catchphrase, “Where too much is just right”.

While his family is decking the halls, our hero goes out in the classic M3 pickup to fetch a Christmas tree, hooning all the way home on snow-covered roads, to the serious detriment of the unfortunate tree.

As well as a cute digital greeting card from the M white-coats, it’s a lighthearted take on the perception that little boys never grow up - their toys just get more expensive.

And if you doubt that, check out Dad’s face when he sees the state of the tree after delivery!