By now it’s no secret that Toyota’s most celebrated sports car will soon be reincarnated as a modern two-door, developed in conjunction with BMW, but a Toyota exec in Europe has now shed a little more light on the project.

In an interview with, Toyota Europe’s R&D vice president Gerald Killmann said that the upcoming Supra would not only share its platform with the upcoming BMW Z4, but its powertrain too - which will be a non-hybridised petrol unit.

This all but confirms that the Toyota sports car will indeed use a BMW engine and although he wouldn’t elaborate any further, BMW’s much-loved 3-litre turbocharged straight-six is surely the obvious candidate here.

But to what degree will it be tuned?

It’s been widely speculated - based on allegedly leaked documents - that the 3-litre will be tuned to around 250kW.

However, those expecting it to be a cut-price sports car in the same spirit as the 86 will be disappointed, as Killmann also pointed out that the Supra will “not be a cheap car”.

“There will be a clear difference between the GT86 and Supra,” Killmann added. “The GT86 remains the affordable sports car, the Supra becomes the performance model.”

Although its basic platform and drivetrain will be shared with BMW, Killman did reiterate that the Supra will have its own styling inside and out, as well as bespoke chassis tuning.

The Supra has already been revealed as a concept race car, shown in the pictures above and below, and the production version is expected to resemble it fairly closely.

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