Picture: GMP Traffic via Twitter.

Manchester - A truck driver in Britain accidentally produced what is probably the world’s first open-top Range Rover Velar.

According to The Mirror, the accident took place on the M61 near Manchester last week after the truck driver (who was driving a car transporter full of expensive Range Rovers) forgot to lower the trailer's top deck after making a delivery in the nearby town of Bolton.

The other vehicle on the top deck, a Range Rover Evoque, was also damaged, albeit not as badly as it escaped the convertible transformation - although on a more sombre note, Land Rover actually does build an open-top Evoque.

The Velar’s roof went flying onto another vehicle after the impact with the bridge, according to the mirror, but thankfully its driver managed to avoid injury.

The driver claimed he’d forgotten to lower the top deck before re-embarking on his journey because he’d been distracted by a woman with a pram, who had asked him to move his truck out of the way.

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