Gloucester, England - Could you really imagine Donald Trump cruising around in anything other than a bespoke, stretched Cadillac limousine? Next question: could you ever imagine yourself in one of these?

For those living in the UK, that is now a distinct possibility as one of the business tycoon turned US President’s old cars has actually landed up on a used car lot in Gloucester and will soon be put up for auction.

It is a rather ancient specimen, manufactured in 1988 when Trump was just 42 years old. Cadillac built it especially for Trump, reportedly for one of his family members, and the car landed up in the UK in 1991.

The stretched Cadillac, which features a cocktail bar, has just 45 000 miles (72 400km) on the clock, according to the ad posted by Sevenvale Cars, and the dealer is asking a whopping £50 000 (R811 000) for it. It’s powered by a 5-litre petrol engine, and appears to have all of its original fittings.

Yet the jury is out on whether that’s really such a good deal. As the man himself once said, sometimes the best investments are the ones you don’t make.

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