File picture: Julio Cortez / AP Photo.

Weehawken, New Jersey – A 48-year-old man from New Jersey brought traffic to a halt in the Lincoln Tunnel last Thursday, not because he broke down or any other legitimate excuse like that, but because he had stopped his Dodge Caravan MPV in order to pleasure himself.

According to Daily News New York, police found the vehicle stopped in the middle of the carriageway, with the engine running, while the driver was taking his clothes off and “performing a lewd act”.

It is also alleged that the masturbating motorist was high on angel dust as police found a glass pipe and bottles containing Phencyclidine (PCP) in the passenger footwell.

It has yet to be confirmed, however, whether a certain Divinyls song was playing at the time.

The motorist now faces a string of charges, including DUI and impeding traffic, but sheer humiliation is surely going to be the hardest pill to swallow.

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