And this is how quickly it can happen, as teenagers run across the N7 near Du Noon. File photo: David Ritchie / ANA
Cape Town - Two pedestrians died on Western Cape roads this past weekend weekend, provincial traffic chief Kenny Africa has reported, saying the fatalities occurred on the N1 near Old Oak Road and on the N2 at the Jakes Gerwel turn-off.

“We also arrested four drunk pedestrians and one for possession of dagga in Vredendal,” he said.

The Automobile Association said more traffic was expected on the roads in the coming weeks as families prepare to celebrate the Easter holidays. Schools will close for the Easter break on Wednesday 28 March and reopen on 10 April. The AA said a large volume of traffic was expected as people travel across the country.

“This year we’d like to urge all reckless drivers to leave their families at home," said AA spokesman Layton Beard.

"And if you’re a reckless driver who operates for profit, consider driving alone as well. All reckless drivers should drive on empty roads, preferably on closed circuits, of which there are many for hire - that way you’ll only cause harm to yourself and not anyone else in the vehicle with you.”

They simply don't care 

He added that it had become more apparent that hundreds of thousands of drivers obey the rules of the road, and they should be praised for playing a role in ensuring road safety.

“But, unfortunately, there are always those who spoil it for everyone else," he said. "There's a certain section of our road-using public who simply don’t care about others, are only concerned about how quickly they can get to their destination, and who seem to think the rules of the road don’t apply to them. It’s these road users we need to single out as the reason for our horrific road fatality statistics.”

The AA said with the Easter holiday coming up, major routes such as the N2 to Cape Town, the N1 to Limpopo and the N3 to Durban would be busier than usual.

“All road users - motorists, motorcyclists, cyclists and pedestrians - need to respect each other, and each other’s right to use the roads.”

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