Goodwood - Terry Grant has been Jaguar Land Rover’s go-to stunt guy for years now, the British daredevil having no less than 25 world records to his name.

Grant just added another one at the Goodwood Festival of Speed this past weekend, where he tackled the legendary hill in a Range Rover Sport SVR.

Yet keeping a car on two wheels, particularly up a twisty hillclimb such as this one, is exponentially harder than it looks and despite his best efforts the car went onto its side during one of his earlier drives after the car touched a wall.

Skip to the end of the video if you want to see the crash, which thankfully for all involved, was not all that spectacular, but a part of the process that eventually led to a Guiness World Record being broken later on Sunday afternoon.

Although his total time of 2m24.5s wasn’t his fastest time up the hill on two wheels (he achieved 2m10s back in 2015 in a Nismo Juke), Grant did smash the record for the fastest mile (1.6km) in a car on two wheels, a 30 second improvement on the previous record - also set by Grant.

Watch the winning run below:

“It really shouldn’t be underestimated how difficult a two-wheeled speed run like this is,” Grant exclaimed.

“You are always fighting to keep the car balanced right on the edge, as it tries to tip either one way or the other. You need to be conscious of everything, from the camber of the road to the strength of the wind. Thankfully, conditions were excellent and the Range Rover Sport SVR was the perfect precision tool for the job.”

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