Miami, Florida - The hit-and-run driver in this video, captured on the scene of a crash in downtown Miami, got a lot more than he bargained for.

The bald facts are that silver Infiniti SUV collided head-first with the two sedan cars, completely wrecking the plastics on the front end of the Infiniti, sending both sedans sideways and bringing traffic on Biscayne Boulevard to a complete halt.

But this is when it started getting weird. Normally, after a crash like this, everybody would wait for the police and paramedics, names and addresses would be taken, driving licences checked and casualties carted off to hospital, before the tow-truck operators were allowed to take their pickings.

In this case, however, the driver of the Infiniti opted not to be there when the cops arrived and, much to the vocal and histrionic dismay of witnesses and victims alike, he reversed out of the accident scene and, despite the best efforts of a Nissan SUV driver to block him, went around the corner on the wrong side of the road and tried to escape.

There he was blocked again but still tried to get away, although surrounded by angry bystanders on foot, who couldn’t get at him because he’d locked all the doors and windows.

At which point a driver climbed out of a van going the other way with a sledgehammer in his hand, smashed the drivers window and apparently tried to take the Infiniti’s key - but that didn’t work because the Infiniti has remote keyless starting - so he went round the car breaking all the windows!  

The Infiniti driver managed to reverse out of trouble and shot off down Northeast 36th Street, hotly pursued by several private vehicles.

City of Miami police later confirmed that they’d caught the Infiniti driver and arrested him on a number of (unspecified) charges. 

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