The taxi driver fiercely punched the officer in the face with both hands handcuffed.
Pretoria - Tshwane metro police department officers would not be bullied, spokesman Senior Superintendent Isaac Mahamba has said following the emergence of a video showing an officer being assaulted.

“We are not going to be intimidated by this barbaric act,” Mahamba warned. In the footage, the officer is being assaulted by a man believed to be taxi driver. The two-minute clip taken by a bystander also shows the officer being punched and head-butted by the handcuffed taxi driver.

Mahamba said the officer stopped the taxi driver, who was allegedly driving towards oncoming traffic on Van der Hoff Road in Pretoria West.

The officer apprehended the taxi driver, and after a minor scuffle managed to handcuff and arrest him. As they drove off about a block away the van they were travelling in stops abruptly in the middle of the road before the two men angrily emerge from the car.

The taxi driver fiercely punches the officer in the face with both hands handcuffed. They wrestle for a while before a SAPS officer, who was also in the vicinity, grabs the taxi driver and removes him from the officer. Three other bystanders also try to join in to help the taxi driver but are calmed down by the SAPS officer.

Meanwhile, the metro officer and taxi driver go back to wrestling each other while hurling insults. The driver continues to punch the helpless metro officer.

The taxi driver then says, gesturing to the handcuffs: “These things are hurting me. Get them off.”

He then proceeds to tell the SAPS officer that he will “f*** him up” if he doesn’t take the handcuffs off. The taxi driver then rams his head into the metro officer's face, causing the officer to lose his balance. The taxi driver is then whisked off .

According to Mahamba, back-up was called and three people including two males and a female were arrested for helping with the assault. The driver was charged with reckless driving and assault.

“The officer is badly injured, and off duty,” he said.

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