Stuttgart, Germany - Possibly the most outrageous (and unlikely!) vehicle ever built by Mercedes-Benz is the G650 Landaulet, an all-terrain G-Wagen with Maybach levels of luxury and AMG performance from a six-litre V12 kicking out 463kW and 1000Nm.

It’s all topped by an electrically operated Regency-style partial folding roof over the S-Class individual rear seats - the first offered by Mercedes Benz since the late 1930s.

Just the thing, you’d think, for desert duning at the hands of the Middle Eastern petrocrats at whom this limited-edition (only 99 were made) €630 000 (R9.55 million) beetle-crusher was aimed.

Winter wonderland

Instead, German TV presenters Jean Pierre ‘JP’ Kraemer and Matthias Malmedie put on their anoraks and took this one to a snowed-in theme park for a day of increasingly childish hooning.

You don’t have to speak German to understand how much fun they’re having, or just how amazingly competent this huge, heavy sledgehammer of a snowmobile really is - just enjoy the visuals, especially when the real action starts at 5min17!