Bradford, West Yorkshire - We don’t know what caused the driver of this Audi R8 to lose control although, given that it’s the middle of and icy winter in Britain and the road was wet, we can certainly guess.

The result, however, was both unexpected and really scary, as the tapered nose of the R8 submarined under the tailgate of a parked Nissan X-Trail and flipped it up into the air, hard enough to get all four of its wheels momentarily off the ground. It then came down, half on and half on the pavement, nose first in what must have been a very rough landing.

Describing the aftermath, a spokesman for the Yorkshire Ambulance Service, referred to “a call at 15h33 to a three car accident”. We noted, firstly, that the light in the video footage is very poor, which shows you just how short and dark a North of England winter’s day can be and, secondly that the only other car in the video, a white SUV that drives past the parked X-Trail at 0m05s, doesn’t seem to be involved.

We have to assume, then, that there is a third car out of shot, and that this was a secondary collision, which makes it even more scary, although it’s possible that the other car was responsible for some of the damage to the Audi.

Which was extensive, including both front wings, a crumpled bonnet, broken windshield and a completely shredded front end - plus it may have suffered chassis or suspension damage as it mounted the centre median and drifted to a stop on the other side of the road.

Yorkshire Ambulance didn’t say what happened happened to the driver of the Audi, but did say there were three children among the occupants of the X-Trail, one of whom wound up in hospital. All of a sudden it’s not so funny anymore.