Austin, Texas - Impatient drivers are a familiar sight in multi-storey car parks – but plunging a two-tonne car down seven storeys and smacking you on your roof definitely takes things to new levels.

William Burch was waiting to leave a car park in Austin, Texas, when a BMW 4 Series dived head-first from the car-park roof.

Surveillance footage shows the car bouncing before landing on his Chevrolet.

The driver of the BMW had mistaken her car’s accelerator for the brake while leaving a space, sending the car flying through safety wires and landing near the car park’s exit below.

The unnamed woman suffered several injuries but amazingly was not seriously hurt, while Mr Burch escaped unharmed.

He was on the phone to his mother at the time. He later said: "I can just imagine what she was thinking when I said, 'A car just landed on me, I’ve got to go.'"

Daily Mail