WATCH: Cars dropped 30 metres in Volvo’s most extreme crash test ever

By Motoring Staff Time of article published Nov 30, 2020

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GOTHENBURG - Volvo Cars claims this is the most extreme crash test that it has ever performed, and a crucial one too. It involved dropping some of its cars from a height of 30 metres in order to simulate the damage found in the most extreme, high-speed crash scenarios.

The crash test saw 10 different Volvo models dropped from the crane numerous times. Before this was done, however, Volvo safety engineers made exact calculations about the pressure and force needed to create the level of damage desired.

Swedish rescue services were also present at the crash test, in order to hone their life-saving extrication skills. Volvo says that extrication specialists often use cars crashed at its Safety Centre for such purposes.

“We have been working closely together with the Swedish rescue services for many years,” said Volvo senior accident researcher Håkan Gustafson.

“That is because we have the same goal: to have safer roads for all. We hope no one ever needs to experience the most severe accidents, but not all accidents can be avoided. So it is vital there are methods to help save lives when the most severe accidents do happen.”

Volvo says the findings from these crash tests, and the resulting extrication work, will be compiled in an extensive research report, which will be made available to rescue workers all over the world.

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