Freemont, California - Does Marelize have an American cousin? If these riding antics, and F-bombs, are anything to go by then anything is possible..

But there’s an ironic twist here too as you’ll see in the road rage video below, filmed in California recently.

It starts with a cyclist innocently cruising in the cycling lane, as he should, until some dopey driver in an old Corolla decides to pull into the lane and stop. The rider quite rightfully gives the driver a piece of his mind, telling him to “pay attention” among other expletives and then… (insert Marlize moment).

We must say that as much as we do sympathise with the rider in this case, as the motorist was clearly in the wrong here, it’s still quite amusing to watch somebody crash after shouting at someone else to pay attention.

See how it unfolded from the 1-minute mark in the video below (and be warned, there is strong language).

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