WATCH: Cyclist teaches wrong-way driver a lesson

By Motoring Staff Time of article published Jun 14, 2019

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London - South Africans are well acquainted with the reckless arrogance of motorists who drive in the oncoming lane to bypass traffic, but this is by no means the only country where this occurs.

But every once in a while you get another motorist who decides that enough is enough, resulting in an entertaining video in which an arrogant motorist is forced to recede with figurative tail between legs.

But it’s rare to see a cyclist actually attempt this, but that’s exactly what happened in the video below, where a Zimbabwean born cyclist who goes by the name of CyclingMikey on YouTube, faced up to two doctors on a congested road in London recently.

Then the excuses (and the bickering) started.

Shortly after Mikey blocked the offending Volvo XC90, a female passenger hopped out and got decidedly stroppy with him. She claimed they were doctors and had patients that were waiting to see them.

Sure, it would have been a completely different story if the doctors were responding to an actual emergency, but simply being a doctor with patients to see does not put a person above the law and the cyclist cameraman held his ground until the end.

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