WATCH: Dr Evil takes over General Motors and other interesting Superbowl ads

Published Feb 14, 2022


Los Angeles - For football-obsessed Americans, the Super Bowl is undeniably the sporting highlight of the year, and given how many eyeballs are glued to screens as a result, advertisers spend big money on promoting their latest and greatest products during the event.

Given the expenditure involved here, it comes as no surprise that companies pull out all the stops to create adverts that are clever and entertaining, and the car industry certainly pulls its weight here.

In keeping with the times, the 2022 Super Bowl car ads were overwhelmingly ‘electrified’, particularly in the case of BMW’s Zues ad. But the award for the funniest commercial, in our humble opinion, goes to General Motors.

Why is Dr EV-il trying to save the world?

“Ladies and gentlemen, our takeover of General Motors is complete,” says DR EV-il in this tongue-in-cheek Austin Powers reboot featuring Mike Myers.

Clearly he wants to use GM’s new electric vehicle architecture to help save the world, but why would he do that? Click on the embed above to find out.

Kia wins the cuteness award with robo-dog

While GM’s commercial was all about making us laugh, Kia instead sought to create something of a tear-jerker with this ad.

It features a robotic dog with adorable eyes and a big ambition to ride along in the new Kia EV6.

Polestar takes a dig at #Dieselgate

Volvo’s new Polestar brand presented an ad that was visually simplistic, but with powerful wording that takes a dig at other carmakers.

No compromises, no dieselgate, no empty promises… We sure hope not, Polestar.

BMW goes electric with Zeus

To highlight its planet-saving electric car antics, BMW called on Zeus, the God of Lightning. Times have changed however, and Zues has retired to California - but is he still putting those lightning dispensing powers to good use?

Keeping up with the Joneses

One of Toyota’s Super Bowl efforts is all about keeping up with the Joneses, and here we see a bunch of celebrities with the surname Jones getting down and dirty in the new Toyota Tundra pick-up, which is a Ford F-150 rival that’s bigger than the Hilux and Tacoma.