Watch: Driver's idiotic lane weaving ends in tears

By Motoring Staff Time of article published Dec 12, 2017

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Somewhere in Europe - It is never a good idea to swerve between lanes hastily, but worse still is doing so when you can’t see what’s in the destination lane, as this Opel Astra driver recently found out the hard way.

In this video, posted on YouTube by RoadCams, the speeding Astra driver thought he’d scored a gap in the traffic after a truck moved over to the middle lane, but the driver soon realised that there was a reason the truck had changed lanes.

Needless to say the lane was filled with a line of stationary vehicles, which the Astra driver thankfully then tried to avoid by squeezing into the middle - but there simply wasn’t enough space and in the end at least four vehicles appear to have been damaged.

Although the impact could have been a lot worse had the Astra just slammed into the back of the first vehicle, the lesson here is plain and clear - if you can’t see what’s in the lane you’re moving into, then don’t move, and the same goes, even more obviously, for overtaking on two-lane roads.


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