WATCH: Merc driver’s daring escape from hijackers

By Motoring Staff Time of article published Aug 15, 2018

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Johannesburg - Hijackings are a daily reality in South Africa, and motorists should always be on high alert, particularly in the carjack capital Gauteng, where this video appears to have been filmed.

In the short clip, posted on Facebook by Autobumbum, we see a Mercedes-Benz GLA being followed into a parking lot by an Audi A4 full of hijackers. The victim cottons on quickly and makes a hasty escape as you’ll see below:

This was very much a game of Russian roulette as the thugs had ample opportunity to shoot while the Merc driver was manoeuvring out of the parking lot, and thankfully they had the sense not to.

After giving the Audi a panel beating while trying to squeeze out of the narrow entrance, the victim sped off into freedom and no doubt felt incredibly relieved after facing a harrowing situation that no human being should ever have to face.

While it’s impossible to avoid every potential hijacking situation - the one in the video being a prime example of one that could not have been easily anticipated - it pays to be extremely vigilant in the minutes before entering your property or any parking lot - look out for vehicles that might be following you and even make a false turn or a quick loop around a block if you feel suspicious.

Should you be confronted by hijackers - with no safe way to escape - then confrontation should to be avoided at all costs, experts warn.

Police spokesman Colonel Jay Naicker recommends the following:

-Stay as calm as possible

-Avoid eye contact

-Keep your hands where they can be seen (ideally at chest level)

-Don’t make any sudden movements

-Wait for the perportrator to open the door

-Move away from the car slowly

-Assure the perportrator that they can have the car

“Resisting the hijackers may cause them to become violent, or even deadly,” Naiker says.

“Always remember that possessions can be replaced, a life cannot.

“Also remember that the hijackers are probably just as scared and nervous as you are, so try not to panic and do anything the hijackers may not be expecting. Do not scream or make sudden movements, such as motioning with your hands.”

For a more comprehensive list of hijacking avoidance and survival tips, click here.

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