This KTM X-Bow RR lapped the Nurburgring Nordschleife in just 7m25.72.

Lapping the Nu?rburgring Nordschleife in under 7m30 is quite an achievement. Only a select few supercars like the Ferrari Enzo have posted times below this mark and the current track record stands at 6m48, achieved by a Radical SR8.

Naturally, a purist machine like the incredibly lightweight KTM X-Bow is an ideal vehicle to chase 'ring records in, given that it's really just a roll cage with an engine and wheels.

Yet the previous best time an X-Bow could achieve was 8m10 and now a successful racing driver has managed to skim through the 'ring in just 7:25.72 minutes in a street-legal X-Bow RR - and they've also captured the moment on video, as you'll see at the bottom of the story.

The car weighs a mere 820kg and is blasted along by a 265kW/474Nm version of Audi's 2-litre TFSI turbopetrol motor.

Christopher Haase, who won the 2008 GT4 European Championship in an X-Bow GT, had just two laps to get the most out of the RR in this latest 'ring attempt and he achieved it in the second flying lap.

Naturally, the driver was thrilled with the car: “We had a lot of wind and very little grip - but we have to hold something back for next year, don't we?

“The Audi engine is also a stunner that offers any amount of torque. But the rest of the car is also great.

“The suspension works perfectly and you notice that the XBOW is lighter than most other cars when you go into every corner. This makes twice as much sense on the technically demanding Nordschleife!”

Watch the action unfold in the video below: