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Dayton, Ohio - As if driving after taking a serious narcotic like heroin isn't bad enough, there's always someone ready to take things to the next level.

A policeman in Dayton got more than a little suspicious when he saw a female driver stretching her arms into the air while using her knees to steer the vehicle.

Then, when she realised that the cop had spotted her, she pulled a needle out of her arm and threw it to her friend in the front passenger seat.

After pulling them over, the cop then saw the friend trying to conceal the heroin needle in her waistband.

But, alas, nothing was to be hidden from the Ohio police, who also found their stash or heroin (less than a gram) in the car.

Both women now face charges of drug possession and felony and to make matters worse, the driver was already in trouble for previous traffic offences, to the tune of $3000 (R24 780).

Source: Dayton Daily News