WOMEN’S MONTH: 4 Features females will appreciate in Electric Vehicles (EVs)

Jaguar’s award-winning I-Pace remains the best EV you can buy in SA

Jaguar’s award-winning I-Pace remains the best EV you can buy in SA

Published Aug 16, 2021


JOHANNESBURG - We have two reasons for celebration. Firstly, it’s Women’s Month and secondly, South African women are now being treated to some of the world’s best electric vehicles (EVs). Bearing both of these in mind, here is a list of four EV features women will love:

Concept for now: MG Cyberster if you want to make a statement

1. Zero emissions mean zero impact on the planet

Starting with the most obvious: EVs don’t spew out noxious emissions or fumes. This is especially important to women, who are more environmentally conscious than their male counterparts. Studies around the world have shown that men are more likely to select and positively evaluate arguments related to science and business than ethics and environmental justice. So, the zero-emissions scenario is big news for female motorists.

All-electric MINI Pacesetter

2. Modern EVs look good

In the past, some EVs were – quite justifiably – criticised for being ugly. This is because automotive companies were obsessed with aerodynamics and practicality. Today, while these factors remain paramount, car manufacturers have managed to combine these features with attractive designs too.

Porsche Taycan can easily cover up to 400km on a charge

3. Range anxiety is decreasing

Women dread running out of “fuel” more than men – because no woman wants to be stranded next to the side of the road. In the past, range anxiety was a major factor. However, thanks to improvements in technology, this is no longer a concern. The all-electric Volvo XC40, for instance, has a range of over 400km. Not too shabby at all!

Audi’s all-electric A6 e-tron could be a great first EV if you can afford it

4. Charging times are more manageable

We all laugh about women multi-tasking better than men. Maybe it is true. Maybe not. However, one thing is certain: women need to balance housework and childcare with their day-to-day jobs – meaning they’re super busy. Accordingly, they don’t have lots of time to wait for their EV to charge. The good news in this regard is that charging times are now far more manageable. Some cars can be charged to 80% of its battery capacity in as little as 40 minutes using a fast charger.

By 2030, Deloitte is predicting 31.1 million global EV sales. Based on these four factors, don’t be surprised if a substantial portion of those buyers are women.

BMW i3S is an EV you can buy right now