Mischo Erban has become the fastest skateboarder in the world after clocking 129.91km/h.

Here's another in the long list of pointless world records that have been attempted recently but one that will certainly pique the interest of skateboarders.

UK publication Orange reports that Mischo Erban of Canada has just broken the world record for the fastest speed attained on a longboard by reaching 129.91km/h on a public road in Quebec.

“As I got faster the road started to disappear. There were a few bumps on the road but I just focussed on keeping myself tight,” Mischo said after the feat. He also felt surprisingly unsettled: “I came to the hill thinking I would be scared but at the end it was just a game. I didn't really even feel challenged.”

The record has been officially recognised by the Guinness Book of Records and it beats the previous record by over 16km/h.