1268kW, 1.9s 0-100: Koenigsegg Gemera is world's first four-seat megacar

By Jason Woosey Time of article published Mar 4, 2020

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Ängelholm, Sweden - Not long ago, a road car that could accelerate from zero to 100km/h in under two seconds was completely unheard of. A car with that kind of performance and enough space to take three passengers and their luggage along for the ride, would have been from the realm of science fiction.

But now that’s a reality and it comes in the form of the Koenigsegg Gemera, which the Swedish hypercar specialist describes as the world’s first ‘Mega-GT’ car. 

Did we tell you that it has just three cylinders?

The Gemera has a hybrid powertrain, of which the internal combustion component is a 2-litre, three-cylinder twin-turbo unit dubbed the Tiny Friendly Giant. Mid-mounted and powering the front wheels, it contributes 440kW and 600Nm to the tally, which is a remarkable (and AMG-humbling) achievement for its size. Assisting it are three electric motors, one for each rear wheel and another fitted to the engine’s crankshaft. 

Koenigsegg is claiming system outputs of 1268kW and 3500rpm for the Gemera, as well as a 0-100km/h sprint time of 1.9 seconds and a 400km/h top speed. The car can also run on electric power alone for up to 50km.

Not only does the Gemera accommodate four occupants and their luggage, but it’s also incredibly luxurious for such a hard-core performance car. Think memory foam heated seats (electrically operated upfront) as well as three-zone climate control, onboard Wi-Fi, adaptive cruise control, an 11-speaker premium sound system with front and rear touchscreen infotainment displays, and eight cupholders - of which four are heated!

“Ultimate performance has belonged to the world of two-seaters with very limited luggage space – until now”, says Koenigsegg founder Christian von. “The Gemera is a completely new category of car where extreme megacar meets spacious interior and ultimate environmental consciousness. We call it a Mega-GT.” 

But is it still a true driver’s car?

The Gemera is built around a carbon fibre monocoque with wheel-to-wheel stiffness of 40 KNm, and to improve agility it features active rear-wheel-steering, adjustable anti-roll bars and mixed-size wheels, 21” upfront and 22” round back. The car’s ride height can also be adjusted electronically.

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