530kW F8 Tributo is Ferrari's most potent V8 ever

By Motoring Staff Time of article published Mar 1, 2019

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Maranello - It’s time to say goodbye to the Ferrari 488 GTB and hello to its successor, the F8 Tributo, which is, as you would expect, the most powerful V8 series production model ever to come out of Maranello.

Its 3902cc turbocharged V8 pushes 530kW at a screaming 8000rpm and 770Nm from the 3250rpm mark. 0-100km/h comes up in just 2.9 seconds, according to claims, with 200km/h achievable in 7.8 seconds and the top speed is listed at 340km/h.

The new mid-rear engined supercar is not only significantly more powerful than its predecessor, gaining 37kW, but it’s also 40kg lighter and 10 percent more aerodynamic, Ferrari claims.

Dynamic features include the latest-generation Side Slip Angle Control, and the Ferrari Dynamic Enhancer, activated in ‘Race’ mode.

The exterior has been completely redesigned, ushering in some new design cues that we’ll see on other future Ferraris, and the same goes for the cabin, which features the new-generation Human Machine Interface, operated via a 17.8cm touch-screen.

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