770km between charges: Mercedes reveals more info on EQS flagship sedan

By Jason Woosey Time of article published Apr 6, 2021

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STUTTGART - Mercedes-Benz will soon offer an electric alternative to the S-Class and the new battery-powered sedan, which goes by the name of EQS, is set to be revealed on April 15.

But not all the information is under wraps until then, with the German carmaker recently revealing some of the key technical data, including outputs and driving ranges, and we also now have a better idea of how it will look, thanks to the accompanying images of a disguised prototype.

Far more than just an S-Class with batteries, the EQS is based around a brand new scalable architecture designed for electric cars only, and which will in time spawn many other new battery Benzes, including the midsize EQE.

What is Mercedes saying about the EQS so far?

The newcomer will offer a choice between rear-wheel drive and all-wheel-drive, with the single-motor EQS 450+ variant set to produce 245kW and 568Nm and the twin-motor EQS 5804Matic being good for 385kW and 855Nm, and there will be an even more powerful performance version too, Mercedes says. The outputs for the latter remain a secret, but you can practically bet on it wearing an AMG badge.

All variants will employ modern ‘permanently excited’ synchronous motors and Mercedes will also offer two battery sizes, depending on the power level and whether it’s RWD or AWD, offering a useable energy content of 80 kWh or 107.8 kWh.

Depending on the model chosen, buyers can expect a range of up to 770km between charges, as measured on the WLTP cycle.

The vehicle will also come with an ‘Electric Intelligence’ navigation system, which helps drivers plan the fastest and most convenient route, also taking charging stops into account among many other factors that also take advantage of cloud computing. The system can react dynamically to traffic jams or a change in driving style, Mercedes says, and even factors in the ambient temperatures at charging stops.

On that subject, the vehicle can be charged up for a range of 300km in just 15 minutes at a 200kW DC fast charging station.

Recently Mercedes also showed us the cabin of the new EQS, which will be available with an ultra-wide screen that stretches across the entire dashboard.

Watch this space for more information when the EQS makes its official debut on 15 April.

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