A Honda Civic Type R bakkie? Imagine no more

By Jason Woosey Time of article published May 24, 2018

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Swindon, England - Unless you’re a boy racer with a dirt bike and a plumbing business, chances are you’ve never fantasized about a bakkie version of the Honda Civic Type R.

Well, now Honda’s UK division has unleashed the Civic Type R Pickup Truck concept, created for the annual SMMT Test Day - which is a look-and-drive motor show of sorts for British journalists.

The brutal bakkie was designed and built by the product engineering department at Honda’s Swindon factory.

The front half of this Honda, codenamed Project P, is as per the road car - complete with its 228kW/400Nm 2-litre turbopetrol engine that can get it from zero to 100km/h in just six seconds. 

The back half, as you can see, has been reimagined for load lugging, although it’s not exactly going to swallow that big cupboard that your girlfriend’s cousin has been nagging you for the last year to help shift across town.

Nor does the Type R’s large rear wing, that was audaciously worked into the design, do this Honda’s loading and lugging potential any favours, although it is at least movable.

This bakkie is strictly a one-off, with Honda insisting that there are absolutely no plans for production, although project leader Alyn James has hinted that the concept might make its way to the Nurburgring to fight for the title of the world’s fastest front-wheel-drive pick-up truck.

 “This Civic Type R Pickup Truck concept by the special team at our Swindon-based plant demonstrates the passion and commitment of the team there - going above and beyond outside working hours to deliver the final product,” said Honda UK boss Phil Webb.

“There are no plans to put this in to production but we will be using it to transport our lawn and garden products as and when required!”

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