Stuttgart - Porsche is getting ready to unleash the third-generation of its successful Cayenne SUV, and has kicked off the teaser campaign with an album of pictures of lightly disguised prototypes undergoing endurance testing in extreme climates around the globe.

Now we’re not sure if it’s just a case of clever disguise creating the illusion, but to our eyes the newcomer looks almost indistinguishably similar to the current Cayenne. But we’ll reserve judgement until the covers officially come off on August 29.

What we do know is that this is far more than just a facelift, not only because Porsche is actually referring to it as a new generation, but because the sportscar maker claims to have redesigned the drivetrain and chassis as well as the "display and control concepts".

So be sure to watch this space next week Tuesday, when all will be revealed.

IOL Motoring