Fans of hyper hatchbacks are in for a treat with the next-generation Mercedes-AMG A45, which is set to produce quite a bit more than 300kW.

Although the new A-Class was revealed to the world recently, the A45 range-topper is still under wraps and will likely only hit the scene in 2019. But now it has at least been confirmed that the model will be stupendously powerful.

Speaking to Autocar at the Geneva Motor Show this week, Mercedes-AMG head Tobias Moers confirmed that the new A45 will have “well over 400bhp (298kW)”.

Other details remain scant at the moment, but Moers did also brag that: “It's going to be the next step in every perspective, including driving dynamics”.

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The newcomer will certainly outpower anything that dares to call itself a rival, including the 294kW Audi RS3 Sportback and 272kW BMW M2.

The A45 will reportedly achieve its heady output figure without resorting to electric assistance of any kind - instead the boys in Affalterbach have completely redesigned the current 2-litre, four-cylinder turbopetrol from the ground up, as Moers told “What we are doing for the next generation is we’re engineering a brand-new engine, a 2-litre engine that is everything new - nothing in common with the [existing engine]”. 

It has also been widely reported that a more affordable alternative to the A45 was in the works.

Late last year, Moers told Top Gear that an A35 AMG would join the range as a “little brother” to the A45 and at a “low” price point that would necessitate deleting some of the A45’s cool stuff.

It would obviously be less powerful than its bigger brother, likely competing in the thick of the hot hatch market, rivaling cars like the VW Golf R and Honda Civic Type R.

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