As quick as an F1 car: Aston Martin Valkyrie Pro

By Motoring Staff Time of article published Nov 17, 2017

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Gaydon, Warwickshire - Imagine if Aston Martin built a stripped out, amped up, track-only version of its most extreme street-car, the Valkyrie AMR. Imagine no more.

Once you throw ‘street-legal’ out of the window, all things are possible - and a lot of them have come to fruition with this limited edition, slick-shod track day special.

Aston Martin, Red Bull designer Adrian Newey and build partner AF Racing gave the Valkyrie’s naturally-aspirated 6.5-litre Cosworth-built V12 a ‘significant’ power boost by fitting a lighter, free-flowing  exhaust system with no catalyser or emissions-control restrictions, and completely recalibrating the ECU mapping to match.

The car’s Rimac energy recovery system is also physically unchanged but will be re-programmed.

Adding lightness

Then they ditched the street-car’s heater/de-mister blower and infotainment screens, replaced the glass windshield with polycarbonate and the adjustable seats with moulded race buckets, reduced the thickness of the carbon-fibre body panels and fitted new, lighter suspension uprights and carbon-fibre wishbones.

The standard brake discs give way to F1-derived carbon-fibre platters, and smaller rim sizes than the road car - 18 inch all round, so the Valkyrie AMR Pro can run on standard-issue Michelin LMP1 endurance racing slicks.

The active aerodynamic control systems have been revised for track use, and larger front and rear wing elements fitted for significantly increased downforce.

All of which, according to Red Bull’s extensive simulation programming, means the Valkyrie AMR Pro should be able to achieve laps times comparable to Formula One or LMP1 endurance racing cars, with a top speed of close to 400km/h, lateral acceleration capability of more than 3.3g and braking deceleration of 3.5g.

Valkyrie AMR Pro customers will go through a driver development programme, depending on their individual experience and aptitude, at the same facilities Red Bull’s F1 drivers, including time in the simulator and on-track tuition as well as fitness training. Then they’ll be invited to enjoy driving their cars at a series of dedicated track events at some of the world’s most prestigious circuits.

Just 25 Aston Martin Valkyrie AMR Pros will be built; deliveries are expected in 2020 and yes, all 25 cars are already sold.

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