Ingolstadt - Audi will be giving its customers some cool new ways to spice up their cars with a range of retrofit Audi Sport parts for its performance models.

Initially the bits and bobs, which comprise suspension, braking and exhaust parts as well as various exterior and interior components, will only be available in Germany and other select markets. However Audi SA tells us that the parts packages are under consideration for our market.

For now only TT and R8 owners will be blessed with such options, but Audi has promised to gradually roll out components for other vehicles in its vast range.

Here’s what’s on offer so far:

Aero kits

Audi reckons the most spectacular items in its new Performance Parts portfolio (which don't include any actual engine-performance-enhancing parts for now) is its wind-tunnel-developed Aero kits for the TT and R8.

The kits, featuring components made from carbon fiber-reinforced polymer and a little plastic in the TT’s case, include front splitters, various accents for the front air inlets, side sills and diffuser and large fixed rear wings. 

The parts also significantly improve downforce, according to Audi, in fact even doubling it by the time you get to 150km/h in the R8.

Suspension and wheels

Coilover suspension kits (two- or three-way) will be available for TT and R8 ranges, along with lightweight, black 20-inch wheels that claim to shave off up to 8kg. 

TT owners can also opt for a crossmember reinforcement bar for the rear axle, which improves rigidity.


Akrapovic has designed a titanium muffler for TTS and TT RS models and it’s said to deliver a “sonorous” exhaust note. Given our previous experiences with Akrapovic exhausts, we have no trouble believing that one.


Track day enthusiasts will no doubt enjoy Audi Sport's range of brake linings which are said to be less prone to fade. They’re available for both steel discs and ceramic brakes.

Audi will also offer brake cooling kits for the TT, TTS and TT RS, while the latter’s braking system can be beefed up further with upgraded steel front brake discs featuring multiple bolt mountings.


The cabin catalogue highlight for most will be the new Alcantara-rimmed steering wheel for the TT and R8, marked out by a red 12 o’clock marking, but more dedicated drivers will most appreciate the CFRP cross brace, for the TT, which replaces the rear seats and shaves 20kg off the car’s kerb weight while also making it more torsionally rigid. 

CFRP shift paddles are also on the menu for S-Tronic models.

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