Munich - There’s far more to BMW’s M Performance Parts Concept than just racy looks - the new design study is over 60kg lighter than the M2 it’s based on, and markedly more aerodynamic.

Set to debut dynamically at the Goodwood Festival of Speed hill race this weekend, the concept was created using a combination of already available M Performance Parts and a number of exclusive features, some of which will become available shortly.

The concept makes extensive use of ultra-lightweight carbon fibre components. 16kg alone is saved by the carbon grille, bonnet, front fenders and boot lid, all of which are expected to be available soon on the M2 Competition. 

A further 6kg is lopped off by the carbon fibre roof, which features a clear carbon finish and which is expected to hit the options list around March 2019. Saving a further 6 kilos are the ‘Frozen Gold’ 19-inch alloys that add a unique design flavour to the car along with the Frozen Black exterior paint finish.

Matching gold accents come in the form of carbon fibre front and side sill winglets, as well as an aero-enhancing carbon rear diffuser that’s already available to customers.

You’ll find plenty of carbon fibre and gold accents in the cabin too, while Alcantara upholstery and trim provides a luxurious contrast. The carbon fibre sport seats alone take 9kg off the kerb weight, while the lightweight rear seats remove a further 13kg.

BMW’s M division has not made any performance upgrades, although those aforementioned weight saving measures - along with other initiatives like a weight-saving battery - do make lighter work for the standard 3-litre straight-six turbo motor, which pushes 272kW and 465Nm.

Dynamics are however improved through an adjustable coilover suspension system, which allows the car to be lowered by up to 20mm.

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