Busan, South Korea - Hyundai’s new HDC-2 Grandmaster SUV concept not only shows how the brand’s design language might evolve in future, but also hints that an SUV larger than the Santa Fe might be in the works.

This would certainly tie in with Kia’s apparent plans to build a full-sized SUV inspired by the Telluride concept that has been doing its rounds for quite some time now.

Revealed at the Busan Motor Show in South Korea on Thursday, the HDC-2 translates the so-called “Sensuous Sport” design language, first shown to us by the Le Fil Rouge concept earlier this year, into an SUV format. 

With its huge chrome ‘cascading’ grille and chunky body lines, the concept looks somewhat more macho than Hyundai’s prettier modern SUVs like the Tucson and Santa Fe, and this could well be the start of a new trend for the Korean brand.

No word yet on what powers the HDC-2 Grandmaster, or on any other technologies for that matter.

As for that name? That was inspired by the game of chess, as Hyundai puts it:

“While the world’s finest chess champion is called the grandmaster, the concept vehicle is named to indicate that just as the sum of all chess pieces completes the game of chess, all forthcoming Hyundai vehicles will come to form a harmonious vehicle line-up demonstrating the Hyundai Look while each maintains distinctive character and role.”

IOL Motoring