The quirky Citroen CXperience Concept, set to debut at the Paris Motor Show in September, is big on comfort.
The quirky Citroen CXperience Concept, set to debut at the Paris Motor Show in September, is big on comfort.
Post-production : Astuce Productions
Post-production : Astuce Productions

By IOL Motoring Staff

Paris, France - Citroen has fired the first shots in the 'Game of Leaks' ahead of the Paris motor show, with the stunning CXperience plug-in hybrid concept .

It's 4.85 metres long on a three-metre wheelbase, a full two metres wide and only 1.37 metres high on its 22 inch wheels, in an unusually slinky approach to large hatchback styling, previewing what Citroen calls 'a new offensive in brand strategy'.

The interior is based around Citroen’s advanced comfort design programme, reflecting changing customer expectations with memory foam and yellow mesh upholstery and pale walnut veneer trim, over a flat foam floor covered in textured leather with broad chromed sill-plates.

The dashboard is centred on a 48cm touch screen, with split-screen displays and a range of connected services so you can, for instance, open your gate remotely or even accept home deliveries while you're still on the road. There's also a docking station in the middle of the fascia for a dedicated smartphone that starts the car and activates functions such as climate control and security.

Rear passengers have their own dedicated mobile tablet, to adjust the seats and aircon, and provide access to media sharing via a new 'Share with U' app.

Petrol-electric hybrd drivetrain

The concept has a petrol engine - Citroen doesn't say how big or how it's fed - providing 110-147kW, and an electric motor bringing another 80kW to the party, with an eight-speed electrically operated automatic transmission between them and a 3kW battery under the cabin floor.

That gives it up to 60km of pure electric driving, after which the combustion engine and electric are used in successive acceleration phases to reduce fuel consumption. On the open road, both are hooked up together to provide a total of 197kW for effortless overtaking.

The battery can be charged from flat in four and a half hours from a 220v domestic supply, or in less than two and half hours using a 6.6kW charger hooked up to an industrial 32 amp supply.

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