By: Dave Abrahams

Madrid, Spain - Some supercars are so exclusive that you can't buy one; instead you apply for membership of the program. In effect, you're becoming a member of a very expensive club with some very special perks.

Thus, bespoke Spanish design studio Bengala Automotive has opened applications for membership of its aptly named Privilege Program, with the launch of the F12 Caballeria. The Caballeria is based on the already exclusive Ferrari F12, hence the name, with outrageous racing-inspired carbon-fibre body panels by Pinifarina that give more than a nod to Maranello's GT3 competition cars.

Just 10 Caballerias will be made over the next year, no two alike, each one created to its owner’s specification; their owners will automatically be entered into the program - which means they get first crack at Bengala's future limited-edition projects, access to special events and private viewings, with the option to buy before the new designs are released on to the market.

Bengala plans to limit future projects to one a year, each limited to between five and 10 cars

Nothing so crass as price is mentioned. Simply put, if you have to ask, you can't afford it.