Those lucky enough to be on the list to buy Ferrari’s gorgeous new J50 are practically guaranteed exclusivity – it’s a strictly limited series and Ferrari will build just 10 of them. Further to that, the supercar maker is also promising that each one will be tailored to the customer’s requirements.

Based on the 488 Spider, the J50 was created to celebrate Ferrari’s 50th year of selling cars in Japan and when the finished product looks as good as this, we think any excuse will do. Marking a return to the targa-top body style, the F50 also heralds a futuristic new design language, but Ferrari stopped short of confirming whether future cars will take inspiration from this.

While the 488’s 3.9-litre twin-turbo V8 has been retained, power has been bumped up slightly, to 507kW, meaning it should improve upon the Spider’s already-epic three-second 0-100km/h sprint time.

The J50 was created by Ferrari’s Special Projects department, which also made numerous detailed aerodynamic improvements to package. The carbonfibre targa-top is divided into two pieces, which stow behind the seats.