Ingolstadt, Germany – Up till today the only thing we knew for sure about Audi’s new E-Tron Sportback showcar for Auto Shanghai was that it was covered in LEDs, including the four-ring logos at both ends and a full-width red bar across the back.

Now Audi has released a couple of concept sketches and some detail photos of the real thing to whet our appetites ahead of the car’s unveiling in Shanghai on Wednesday. The big surprise is that it’s not a sportback at all; rather than a streamlined station wagon it’s a ‘crossover-coupé’, with two doors under a dramatic fastback roof.

No technical details have as yet been released but, judging by the lead picture, it’s big enough to be credible 2+2 seater and, given that there are no tailpipes visible in the rear three-quarter angled sketch, it’s probably a pure electric, rather than a hybrid. We’ll have more for you as soon as the covers come off in Shanghai on Wednesday.

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