Stuttgart - What appear to be official pictures of Porsche’s all-new Cayenne have leaked onto that leaky internet just days before the new SUV’s official unveiling.

The third-generation Cayenne slots onto VW’s new MLB Evo platform, shared with the latest Audi Q7, although you wouldn’t immediately suspect it was an all-new product, given how evolutionary the design is from most angles, particularly the front and side.

The biggest design departure takes place at the back, where it gets slimmer, more shapely taillights that are joined by a central strip with Porsche lettering.

The cabin also looks markedly different, where it bears a resemblance to the latest Panamera, with a large central touchscreen that appears to have replaced many of the buttons and switches.

The engines and other technical details remain under wraps for now, but it’s likely to offer the latest Panamera’s range of turbocharged V6 and V8 petrol and diesel engines, with a few hybrid variants thrown in for good measure.

Full details are due to be revealed by Porsche on Tuesday August 29.

IOL Motoring