Ford previews butch new compact SUV

By Jason Woosey Time of article published Mar 16, 2018

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Detroit - Earlier this year Ford announced a future strategy that goes very big on SUVs and pick-up trucks, along with “mobility”, electrification and all the other trends that car companies are becoming increasingly obsessed with.

And change is certainly imminent in the product sphere, with Ford planning to replace 75 percent of its current line-up by 2020, while also launching four new SUV and truck products.

Among these is the as-yet-unnamed compact SUV pictured above. Ford describes it as a small off-road utility vehicle, and also mentions it in the same sentence as the upcoming reincarnated Bronco - which will be a larger vehicle, based on the Ranger platform.

Though it remains to be seen whether this baby Bronco will also be built around Ford’s body-on-frame architecture - details are scant at present - its butch styling (complete with Raptor-like Ford block-lettering on the grille) is likely to prove a hit among SUV buyers.

In addition to this and the Bronco, Ford is also planning to replace its Escape (AKA Kuga) and Explorer SUVs before the end of next year.

Rather smartly, Ford is also hedging its truck and SUV bets against any sudden oil price hikes with a glut of hybrid and battery-powered vehicles, including six new fully-electric vehicles by 2022.

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