Proud AMG body kit means you will never mistake the quickest G-Class models for anything else.
Proud AMG body kit means you will never mistake the quickest G-Class models for anything else.

Following the reveal of its tweaked G-Class last week, Mercedes-Benz has released the first pictures of the AMG versions.

Now you might think that a dedicated bundu basher with an insane amount of power is a bit on the crazy side, but insane is the new sensible amongst G-Class buyers, with 40 percent of them opting for AMG models. Now they will have more of what they want.

For starters, a new G 63 AMG replaces the G 55 and, naturally, the gents in Affalterbach have gone ahead and made it more powerful by installing the company's latest direct-injection 5.5-litre twin-turbo V8.

Aimed at G-Class enthusiasts who are a bit scared of having too much power, the G 63 thumps out 406kW and 760Nm, which Mercedes says will catapult this bush utensil from zero to 100km/h in only 5.4 seconds.

Although technologies like direct injection and idle-stop have reduced fuel consumption, the official combined figure still stands at 13.8 l/100km and we all know how accurate these official figures often are. Sadly, your own petrol station that allows you to buy fuel at cost is not included in the purchase price.

But the G 63 is still 'relatively' economical.


That's because AMG has also whipped up a G-Class for those that are not scared of having too much power. Enter the G 65 AMG which is, as you guessed, hurtled along by Merc's 450kW, 1000Nm 6-litre twin-turbo V12.

Provided you can get this not-so-guided missile off the mark cleanly enough, the G 65 will allegedly get to 100km/h 0.1 seconds faster than the G 63 (5.3 sec) and its electronically limited top speed is also 20km/h faster at 230km/h. The official fuel consumption is, gasp, 17.0 l/100km.

Power, in both models, is sent to all four wheels via the AMG Speedshift Plus 7-speed automatic transmission with three driving modes, namely 'Controlled Efficiency', 'Sport' and 'Manual'.

The G 63 also receives completely new brakes and 20-inch wheels, the latter also available in a matt black finish.

As for anchorage, the G 63 gets a six-piston fixed-calliper braking system taken from the ML 63 AMG, while the rear end receives a single-piston floating-calliper system. For further safety, the G-Class AMG has a readjusted ESP stability control system.


You're not going to mistake the G 63 for any other G-Class, thanks to its unique AMG body kit that includes a 'twin-blade' grille with four chrome inserts and a completely redesigned AMG front bumper with huge air inlets. Other tell-tale AMG signs include flared wheel-arches and stainless steel running boards.

Like the rest of the G-Class range, the AMG models receive a more modern interior complete with state-of-the-art infotainment and assistance systems.