Just days after the revealing its new Commodore in high-spec Calias V trim, GM's Holden division has now shown us the SS version.

Swop the badges around and this Aussie beast is likely the spitting image of the US-bound Chevrolet SS, which will inevitably replace the Lumina SS in South Africa.

We're working on assumptions by calling it a beast because Holden hasn't revealed any technical details yet, but we're hoping Holden comes up with something even livelier than the 270kW 6-litre V8 in today's car.

GM's new 6.2-litre direct injection V8, first seen on the new Corvette and credited with 335kW and 610Nm, is certainly on our wish list.

They should spill the beans when the car gets unveiled in Chevrolet form this weekend, so be sure to watch this space.