TOKYO - Is it a car? Is it a bachelor pad? Well, a bit of both actually.

Among the clutter of quirky concept cars revealed at the Tokyo motor show is this Honda Le-Mobi, which gives new meaning to the term boxy styling.

With a square shape that makes a kombi seem sleek and aerodynamic by comparison, the Le Mobi is essentially a room on wheels. "Le" is a Japanese word for ''home".

Honda doesn't reveal much information about its electrically-powered six-wheeler except to say that it 'seamlessly connects a home and the car'. It can recharge itself at a wall plug before setting off on a journey and then, if it has any surplus battery capacity left afterwards, it can feed electricity back into the home's power supply.

But the really cool part, if you're a fan of space, is that the car can be used as a small room with a size of approximately 4.95 square metres. Did anyone say man cave?