Hypercar meets Dakar buggy in 745kW Ramsmobile RM-X2

By Motoring Staff Time of article published Sep 17, 2019

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Frankfurt - Ramsmobile is here to answer many a gear-head’s ultimate 4x4 fantasy with its new Protos RM-X2 - an off-road rally car for the road, with extreme performance to boot. And a fantasy it will remain, for most, thanks to its reported price tag in the region of $1 million, which is about R14.7m in our money.

So what is Ramsmobile? It’s a specialist car company that originates from Belarus, but its new RM-X2 will reportedly be built in New Mexico. 

The RM-X2 is described as a “multipurpose hypercar”. Its chassis and attachments are assembled from the “most advanced and expensive” materials available, in Ramsmobile’s own words, including carbon and titanium grades usually used in military aviation. Oh, and did we mention the robotic arm doors?

The vehicle is available in four design variants, the most basic of which sticks to the essentials and weighs just 1500kg.

Power comes from a 6.2-litre LT5 V8 with two superchargers and a claimed output of 999 horsepower (or 745kW in metric speak). The company will also offer a 6.6-litre Duramax diesel engine as well as an electric powertrain, but those options have not been explained in detail as yet. 

The RM-X2 is kitted out with a hydro-pneumatic suspension system with 30cm of travel, and also featuring a laser height sensor for accurate positioning. The frame, skid plates and under carriage are all teflon treated to prevent the build-up of mud or snow. Customers seeking to tackle heavy terrain can also opt for a selectable transfer case that allows rear-wheel-drive or four-wheel-drive.

Wheel options include bead-lock rims with lightweight polyurethane runflat tyres that were designed to remain attached to the rims when deflated to low levels, and which can also be inflated automatically if the client ticks the Ai-CTIS option box. Wheel sizes of up to 24 inches can be ordered.

The interior, says Ramsmobile, is as luxurious as you could ever wish for, and it can be personalised with the materials of the client’s choice; even the seats can be specially crafted to fit any body shape. A multitude of screens, a premium audio system of “the highest quality” and a rather evocative mood lighting system are also part of the deal here.

But the big party trick is actually the built-in electronic hubbly bubbly, or hookah, which claims to allow tobacco connoisseurs to safely smoke in their car. The smoking system even includes specially branded tobacco cartridges.

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