When Hyundai revealed its all-new i30 earlier this month, one thing that really piqued our interest was the news that a high-performance 'N-badged' version was scheduled to join the range in 2017.

Though the RN30 concept that you see here in this teaser image is not that car as Hyundai clearly describes it as a racing machine for the track, it could well provide a few clues about next year's road-going hot hatch.

Hyundai is remaining quiet about the concept car's specifications, but we should hear more when the car makes its public debut at the Paris Motor Show late next week, September 29.

According to Hyundai, the RN30, which was developed in conjunction with its racing division, will be distinguished by its "specialised high-performance technologies that deliver thrilling high-speed driving".

Compared to the production i30 hatch, the concept also has a lower and wider stance.