Isuzu's quirky van concept thinks its a beehive

By Motoring Staff Time of article published Oct 26, 2017

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Tokyo - This is certainly an interesting take on the delivery van of the future.

Isuzu’s FD-SI Concept, revealed at the Tokyo Motor Show this week, looks like a brick that collided with a beehive, but its emulation of nature is in fact very deliberate.

Within that honeycomb pattern that you see on the outside is a series of hexagonal-shaped tubes for storing cargo. Isuzu says this design optimises body strength while still allowing ample storage space, but obviously it’s not going to suit all applications…

The concept was also designed to provide the centrally-seated driver with a “comfortable living space”. 

The futuristic cockpit has a steering-mounted screen with a reverse camera and the traditional instrument cluster is replaced by a comprehensive-looking head-up display.

Clearly Isuzu still sees a future where vehicles are still driven by humans.

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