Johannesburg - Jaguar’s recently-launched E-Pace compact SUV range will soon be expanded with a new base petrol engine, while a number new features join the line-up.

The new, lower output version of Jaguar's 2-litre turbopetrol Ingenium motor produces 147kW (versus 183kW and 221kW in the P250 and P300 petrol variants), but it does boast the same twin scroll turbocharger, continuously variable valve lift and variable cam timing as those aforementioned variants; Jaguar quotes 0-100 in 8.2 seconds.

The 147kW E-pace is scheduled for South African release in October 2018; pricing has not been announced as yet, but it will be no doubt be cheaper than the 183kW P250, which currently starts at R675 000.

New Gizmotronics

The E-Pace is now also available with Smart Settings, which learns over time to know you and anticipate your preferences. Part of the optional Connect Pro Pack, it recognises your key fob as you walk towards the car and presets the seat, aircon, steering column and even your favourite radio station for that time of day, just the way you like them.

It’ll even recognise that it’s 7:15 in the morning and automatically bring up the navigation to get you to the office! It’ll remind you if you’ve forgotten your phone, and bring up a list of the people you call most often at that time of day.

The system can recognise up to eight different keys and set up for their users, which is very useful if more than one person drives the car on a regular basis.

Smooth runnings

Also available for the E-Pace from October is adaptive dynamics, which uses continuously variable damper technology with a triple-tube design and externally mounted hydraulic valves for faster responses, monitoring the car’s movements every two milliseconds and calculating the required damping force every 10 milliseconds for improved control and reduced body roll - it even recognises off-road surfaces and adapts the damping to suit.