New Delhi - Due to its lower production costs, India is becoming a car production hub of note. In fact, many of SA’s more affordable ranges - think Toyota Etios, Ford Figo, Hyundai i10 and most Suzukis - are sourced from there.

Now Kia is getting in on the action with plans to open its first Indian assembly plant in 2019 - and to celebrate its entry into that market, Kia created this concept car, previewed in these teaser shots ahead of its imminent debut in New Delhi's Auto Expo. 

This concept, which is called the SP, “hints at plans for an Indian-market SUV” according to Kia.

Though Kia SA says it’s too early to speculate whether the new compact SUV is destined for our shores, the local importer will certainly have access to right-hand-drive production from that facility.

Nothing is set in stone then, but we wouldn’t be surprised if this, and perhaps another compact car range, hit our shores around 2020.

We have also heard rumours that Hyundai SA plans to import an EcoSport-rivalling compact SUV from India from 2019 - which could very well be related to the upcoming Kia. 

If that’s all true, SA’s compact crossover market could be in for a South Korean shake-up, via India.

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