Koenigsegg modestly (or sarcastically?) claims that top speed was not a priority when developing what it calls the world's first 'Megacar'; instead the focus was on making it a track-focused car.

Yet its projected top speed of 440km/h will make it the world's fastest homologated production car if we assume that nothing more record-breaking comes along before this one hits the street.

To achieve such insane performance, the Swedish supercar maker meticulously engineered its new Agera One:1 to achieve a power to weight ratio - like the name suggests - of 1:1.

That's one horsepower for every kilogram that it weighs. Given that it reportedly weighs 1341kg, the One:1's twin-turbo 5-litre V8 produces exactly one megawatt of power (1341 horsepower, or 1000kW in metric speak).

This will at least make it the most powerful production car in the world, ousting even the 969kW SSC Ultimate Aero.

To keep weight to a minimum, Koenigsegg employed incredibly light high modulus carbon fibres for the body and chassis and in keeping with its track focus, the 'Megacar' also has aerodynamics taped.

On road legal production tyres, the One:1 has 2 G of cornering capability and 610kg of downforce at 260km/h thanks to advanced active under- and over-body aerodynamic systems.

Start scratching those lotto tickets.