Lamborghini Urus gets wide body kit and 597kW

By Motoring Staff Time of article published Sep 2, 2019

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Few would accuse Lamborghini’s first SUV of lacking potency or visual drama for that matter, but now the folks at German tuner DMC have rolled up their sleeves to give the Urus a more arresting ‘wide body’ styling package as well as a useful performance upgrade.

Meet the DMC-X.

The SUV has been given an ECU tune that results in a very decent power hike, with the company claiming a power output of 597kW, up from the standard car’s 478kW, while maximum torque has increased from 850Nm to a wholesome 914Nm. 

As a result, the DMC-X is three tenths of a second quicker off the mark, with DMC claiming a 0-100km/h time of 3.3 seconds.

The tuner has also developed a new lightweight performance exhaust system for the Urus.

There is no mistaking it for a ‘regular’ Urus out on the street, thanks to a styling package with flared wheel arches that widen the vehicle by 120mm. The arches are made from AirCell, an aviation material that mostly consists of air, despite it being extremely strong.

Clients can also opt for a carbon fibre bonnet that’s been reimagined with two vents, as well as a boot spoiler.

While the standard Urus rolls on 21-inch wheels, DMC is offering customers 22” and 24” options, which can be individually painted if the customer so desires. Various cabin updates are also available upon request.

Although there is no word yet on local availability, pricing abroad ranges from $9990 (R152 000) for the Wide Body Kit to as much as $59 990 (R913 000) for the complete package that includes the engine and exhaust mods.

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