Aston Martin is giving us a taste tester of its all-new Vantage ahead of its planned reveal on Tuesday November 21, with this teaser video featuring Max Verstappen.

The video shows the Red Bull Racing F1 driver sampling a disguised prototype of the new Vantage on the Rockingham Circuit with Aston Martin’s Dynamics Chief Engineer Matt Becker. 

During the driving scene Becker reveals that the new sports car, which is Aston’s entry model, will have “more than 500 horsepower” (373kW) and 685Nm of torque.

The new Vantage is expected to be powered by Mercedes-AMG’s 4-litre twin-turbo petrol engine following an engine deal that the two companies signed back in 2013.

The DB11 V8 uses a 375kW/675Nm version of this engine, so it’s practically certain, given Becker’s words, that Vantage will have the same tuning.

That’s as much as we know for now on the technical side of things, but the video above will at least give you an idea of how it sounds and handles.

Verstappen describes the new Vantage as being “playful” yet easy to control.

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