Beijing - Mercedes-Maybach’s Ultimate Luxury concept car, which has now been fully revealed following the recent picture leak, begs a rather interesting question: why can’t you have a luxury saloon that also happens to be an SUV?

Though not the first vehicle to explore that genre - you may remember Volvo’s ill-fated S60 Cross Country - the Maybach concept certainly takes the concept to new heights of style and lavish luxury.

The exterior design is decidedly smooth and curvy, devoid of any hard edges, and there is certain inspiration from concepts such as the Vision Maybach 6 Concept in the split rear window, slim headlights and large chrome grille with vertical slats.

Yet the real party is in the cabin, which Mercedes-Maybach describes as “the ultimate embodiment of a luxury dream automobile.”

It’s a true limo in every sense of the word, only in this one occupants actually have a commanding view, thanks to the vehicle’s raised ride height.

Intended for chauffeur-driver-use, the concept features two individual and highly adjustable rear seats flanking a large central tunnel that even includes a heated tray and tea set, which can be hidden or exposed at the touch of a button. 

The light and airy colour scheme sees gentle contrast between while, ebony, rose gold and polished aluminium surfaces, while the vehicle’s electronic interface also inspires relaxation by acting with anticipation rather than presenting users with long menus.

Not only does the car offer various ‘Energising Comfort’ relaxation programmes as per the S-Class, but it can apparently read the current mood too, and play appropriate music accordingly. It also knows the appointment calendar and can plan routes accordingly. 

You’ll get there on electric power only as the concept is powered by four compact permanent-magnet synchronous motors with a combined output of 550kW, while the 80 kWh battery offers a claimed range of over 500km between charges.

But whether something such as this ever gets produced is another question. Mercedes-Maybach remains mum on any potential production plans.

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